About Ladyrock

The LadyRock Story

The last few years it was hard for me to find something really impressive to buy for the summer days. Almost all shops had similar swimwear, bags, towels and accessories. In addition to this, quality was not up to my standards. Of course, there were a few shops with exclusive, high quality items but very expensive. I needed to find something better in the ladies fashion world.

I started my search in the net but again what was obviously nice, unfortunately it was liked by many women and everything became an outfit at the beach.

That is how Ladyrock idea was born in my mind. I wanted to give another choice to the lady who wants to stand out on the beach but also later in the evening. Ladyrock began to get flesh and bones. Unique and exclusive pieces, most of them hand- made and designed with the latest trend in fashion, all with love and passion for the women’s fashion world.

Starting this summer, Ladyrock gives you the choice to feel like a unique lady and the promise to be close to your demanding needs that will make you a Ladyrock

Our Store

6 Acheon, shop 8A, Agios Andreas, 1101, Nicosia Cyprus